One-on-One Consultations

One-on-one personalized counseling is available from our experienced pharmacists about your medications and their side effects.There’s a lot to know about how to properly take your medications and understand your body’s reaction to it. We offer free pharmacy consultations at our Pharmacy with your Pharmacist. You can call go online to schedule an appointment or walk-in and speak with an available pharmacist. Our goal is to take care of you from start to finish.

Find a Senior Care or
Consultant Pharmacist

If you or someone you care for needs assistance with their medications, a consultant pharmacist may be the answer! Senior care pharmacists go well beyond reviewing medications. They have studied and acquired extensive knowledge about, and have experience in:

Recognizing and understanding common diseases and conditions especially in the senior population

Identifying medication-related problems that can cause, aggravate, or contribute to common geriatric problems

Understanding the role of the caregiver, the financial challenges that seniors can face, and the importance of choosing appropriate care

Making it easier for seniors to take their medication properly by labeling, packaging and organizing prescription drugs better